Thursday, October 7, 2010

Acting and feeling

The whole thing you are interested in is your inner feeling or your attitude, okay? Now you can have any kind of attitude you want.   Now it seems that most people want a woe be gone pitiful sad attitude and so forth because that attitude has prevented them from being responsible most of their lives. And I think one of the things people dread most is being responsible for their inner states for themselves. In other words, if you would treat me nice enough and spend enough time pampering me I would feel very happy you know, but sometimes maybe you have other things to do and can't do that so then I better take charge of it or otherwise I'm gonna be sittin' around down in the dumps, is that right? So the attitude that one has determines much of your outer state. Now if you're getting an attitude that it's hopeless and worthless and it's all bad and I have nothing but trouble and every thing's gone wrong for me and every one's picking on me and all this kind of stuff then obviously nothings gonna happen to you except more of the same. Because you draw to you according to what your inner attitude is. Now we talk about takin' charge of your attitude right? Now one of the ways you can control your inner attitude is by the way that you're acting.
If you act like you're a very happy and delighted lady then your attitude will go with the way you are acting. But if you sit around and,' well oh, terrible and say nobody loves me, my business is going to pot and uh the economy is going to pieces and what if Reagan gets elected and what if we don't, well then we might get Carter, and oh God' Every thing's going to hell with it's back broke, okay? Then your  attitude is one of depression, self pity, hopelessness and etc. Then I'll guarantee you that all the things that will have materialized around you will match that attitude. So the attitude is probably the most valuable thing we have. You can call it your inner feeling or your attitude. I prefer inner feeling or inner state of being. Now if you're very enthusiastic, all kinds of nice things comes your way. You can go out to do business and everybody wants to buy from you, you don't have to sell very hard. Maybe enthusiasm is the selling key huh? If your enthusiastic everyone wants to buy. Or you can say 'Well (sigh) the economy is pretty bad and I don't know what'-well I better wait before I buy, about right? I mustn't spend any money. So the attitude or our inner feeling, call it what you like is the most valuable thing you have. It can be under control 100%, but in case you don't choose to take control it's bounced about by circumstances that may be around you. Some other nice lovely person comes around and treats you nice you feel pretty good.And they walk out of the way and  some other company comes along grumpin'  and you're down with them so then nobodies in charge, it's just happen stance of which wind that blows. Somebody said your attitude could be very like a chip on the ocean it's tossed to and fro with every wind that blows, or you can take charge of it and have what ever inner state you choose to have. I prefer to have one of delight, joy, confidence, and etc. and you can certainly have it. Now the fact that I say you can have it don't do a thing unless you act upon it.  But you can by the way you act produce an attitude or inner feeling almost immediately. Now people call up and they're acting on the other end of the phone sobbing and crying, pathetic voices, and I say knock that crap off! I don't listen to it, let me hear you, I don't want to listen to all this jazz, then they'll start laughin' and talkin' pretty good and in a few minutes I'll say how you feeling? and they'll say 'oh we're feelin' a lot better'. But as long as one just persists in having these sad depths of every things gone wrong I'm sorry for poor little me and etc then of course that's the way they're going to feel, and if you look about you can tell just about how everybody's feeling. All you go to do is look,see how they're sitting, how they're holding their facial structures, how the body is set and so forth  and you can tell almost exactly how their inner state is. Some of them is kind of glum, some of them is like Steiner very serious, some of them are having a pretty good time, some of them is very worried, and some of them are very depleted and tired, it's just to much trouble  to get up and give a gentle little smile or something and you know and certainly to act confident would be beyond their ability at the moment. So if you want to look around you can tell every body's inner state right now. It doesn't take any effort hardly at all to figure that out very quickly.
So you can remember one little word maybe, UP. If your chins up and the corners of your mouth are up, and your eyelids are up and your flashing a little bit, you ever notice peoples eyelids are all sad their eyelids hang you know, and you get everything up, you feel pretty good and when you get it all down you feel just like you're acting every things down. In fact people say I'm on a downer.
and then they spend years analyzing why this terrible stuff happened to you. So, it doesn't really matter why something happened to you, what's really worthwhile is gettin' out of it and getting to feel like you want to, isn't it?


  1. 'Common sense' is the only thing a sensible person could say to those, and most of dr. Bob's words. Nice to discover someone (rrg..?) is occupying himself with Bob's Wisdom. I've been studying 'The Fourth Way' through Gurdjieff, Ouspensky en Nicoll's writings, but since I found dr. Bob he's my main man. Universal 'esoteric' truths clearly teached. I love it. Bye Bye to rrg from Bart (Holland, Europe)

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  3. Yes Bart,
    I also was intensely influenced by the gurjieff work at a young age, but began to realize it was way too vague, probably because he was'nt the one doing th teaching any more.
    When I came across " The Teachings " as presented by Bob Gibson and worked personally with it I realized they where the " missing piece " or perhaps more accurately, the very same ideas put into " plain english ". a remarkable feat in itself.
    As if someone had " gone to the mountain "or reached a very clear state of being and had returned to tell about it, not with concepts but with actual instructions
    The very thing that happens when the original Teachings are " re translated " to be understandable and workable by a different culture, as they have been several times in our history.
    One small example : folks used to look for " demons " in their inner world, this Teaching calls them " not I s ".....( de mon....un man...not man....)
    Splendid !
    Jacques Bessin
    USA, born and raised in France ( came across G. there...)

  4. Hi I started a new blog under the teachings of Robert Gibson. Just FYI!

  5. I've been drawn back to this work... Although it always came up in my mind over the years.. it amazes me how much I forgot and how compleat this is..